Search Engine Optimization - The Basics



With browsing on the Internet, most people build up an extensive list of favourite websites, they like to visit, on there computers. It then becomes a simple matter, to boot up the computer, log onto the Internet and then click on the link to the favourite site they want to visit. This feature is very handy for such things as online shopping or forums that cover a favourite hobby etc: When you need to use the internet to find information on a subject that you are researching then you would use a search engine to bring together all the information you would need.


Choosing the keywords used in your meta tags are very important. If you don't choose the proper keywords, submitting your site to the search engines will be useless, because those keywords are major factors in determining how a site visitor will locate your site in the engines.


I've had some time to consider Google's new universal search that they are implementing in their search results. What I see makes me think of this in terms of search goulash. Mmmm! a (not-so) tasty combination of everything I didn't want in my search with some stuff I did thrown in.