Productive Search Engine Optimization - 7 Ways to Make Money with Search Engine Optimization



If you want your web site to make money for you, you will need to make it search engine optimized. Search engine optimization is very important for a web site to succeed these days. Actually, whenever any one has to conduct a research on the internet, the first stop for every one...


This article talks about the title tag of a web page. Text mentioned in your page's title is considered as the greatest determinant of your search engine optimisation success. Use your main keywords in this text and ensure that it is relevant to the content on your page


So you've got a brand new shiny website and you're raring to tell everyone about it. You submit your site to Google, Yahoo, MSN and a few directories. You sit back and wait for visitors to come pouring in, right? Wrong! Because lets face it, if your website doesn't show up on a Google search, you may as well not have one. It's like opening a shop on the moon.