Effortless SEO Tips You Can Use Today for Your Tumbling Website



Websites are only effective if they are regularly viewed by visitors who read through your content. As we know content is king of online, so it has to be very engrossing and interesting to go through. In case, the search engines are ignoring your website and not getting a lot of hits, you have to pull up your socks then.


How can you be seen by the search engines? Well, SEO is one good answer. But also the design of your website will really determine if all your hard work on SEO will pay off. Why do I say design? If you add too much flash, you may find that the search engines will only partially index your site, or back out completely for fear that they may get stuck and crash their system.


Google may be on the point of changing the rules of the listing game by taking social networking sites into account, or perhaps not - who knows with Google? While this may not affect the importance of link density, and might take some time to come around, it is on the cards, so be prepared for it and stay ahead of the game.