How To Avoid 'Baby Talk' SEO Copywriting and Make The Sale



Optimizing your copy is a balancing act and you might be diving off the tightrope without a net. Find out the biggest mistake site owners make in SEO copywriting and a few ways to fix it now.


Getting backlinks is crucial to SEO success. However, many businesses forget, or don't understand, the importance of the actual link text. Find out what your strategy should be - what you should do, what you should avoid and why. It could help your business a lot.


Well... quite simply, IF SEO doesn't work, then why are so many people and businesses investing in it? If you think that submitting your website's URL (your website address) to Google or any of the other top search engines, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc. is going to make your site magically appear in their search results, guess what? It ain't gonna happen.